Saturday, August 3, 2013

Arts and Crafts

Yesterday I got some materials out for the boys to do some crafts. They enjoyed doing crafts so much at Dinkey Creek and they talk about it all the time. I thought I could try and start up Friday craft day. William and Zachary cut up colored construction paper and glued it onto a paper... they LOVE using their scissors! Then, I had seen a cute popcorn tree online that we did together as well. I drew the outline of the tree and they water colored it and then glued popcorn on once it dried.
I thought they did a great job and we will have these art pieces hanging up at least until Dad gets home from his fire (whenever that will be)


  1. How cute! And what a great idea! I love the popcorn tree!!

  2. Good job boys! They did great.

  3. That is awesome. It is like Wrenn home pre-school. :)