Saturday, August 4, 2012

Count down chain

Ever since Zachary's birthday passed, William has been thinking and asking about his birthday quite a bit. He has asked me several times to show him on the calendar how many days until his birthday. Then he smiles and jumps and gets really excited and tells me what he wants; a cookoo clock and a basket for his bike so he can put stuff in it. Anyway, I told him we would make a count down chain to help him see how many days until his birthday. Yesterday we did it, 50 days til the big 4! (and the big 34 for me!) This is our first count down chain that we have made, pretty exciting :)

I also have to write about my day out yesterday running errands with the kids. We were right in the middle of everything, more toward the beginning actually. I had driven to the GWD to drop a bill, by the 4 plex to pick up rent and by the drive up ATM to deposit all the checks... the boys were all sleeping through these errands. I parked the car in the shade outside Bed Bath & Beyond and was going to wait for the boys to all wake up (which happened as soon as I turned off the car) and then go look for a magic mesh screen for our back door. Loaded the big boys in a cart and Jameson in the front pack and headed into the store. Found the screen right away, but of course I needed to see what else I "needed" while I was there. After a couple liquid soap refills, two new bath towels and a new quilt for the boys bed... I headed for the check out line. I was standing there talking to the cashier (who was Grant Betz) I started to smell Jameson poop. I quickly pulled him away from my body to check for a blow out up the back (this has been happening a lot lately) which would be on my shirt. Nope, safe. Then I keep smelling it but Jameson isn't making any noises or fussing or anything... hmm. I grabbed his ankle and then I found it! Oh no, I'm wearing WHITE PANTS! I look down, NOT on my pants! However, a BIG puddle of poop is on the floor right under me! I could not believe it! I asked Grant for a towel and he cleaned it up for me as I held Jameson, still in the front pack, away from my body. I then maneuvered the cart with one hand to the bathroom and into the handicap stall where the changing table was so I could get Jameson cleaned up. I walked out of the store with two boys and stuff in the cart and one naked baby over my shoulder :) Good times. At least I didn't have to go into CVS, Trader Joes and meeting the new tenants at the apartment with poop all over me. Gotta love motherhood.

This was a needed activity once we made it home!
Also, I need to write down that Jameson has been sleeping GREAT at night. Almost through the night already :) Hooray.