Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dinkey 2013

It was a great week at Dinkey Creek this summer with the boys, despite Billy not coming with us. Being with Grandma & Grandpa, Aunt Tracy and Aunt Kristy & cousins helped to fill the void. What a different experience for me at Dinkey Creek this year being the adult instead of the kid! I was always on the go helping, cleaning, chasing down or carrying a kid with not a lot of relax time... but it was so nice to be there. Felt like home sitting in the middle of camp each day.
The boys LOVED crafts each day! I need to start doing more of that at home.
 It was especially fun to watch them play up above camp in the rocks & boulders where I spent a ton of time as a kid. It was also really nice that the water was low and the weather was really warm. Made for a less stressful and whiney week. Polywog Pond was the perfect destination for us most days, easy and low key.
We did a trip up to the giant redwoods, McKinley Grove, it's such a neat place. And it's only 5 miles up the road! As a kid I thought that place was SO FAR AWAY! :) Probably the windy road and my week stomach....
Shaver Lake was a nice mid week fun day. The boys LOVED the boat rides :) Thanks Grandpa!

Jameson was not quite walking yet, so he really covered himself in dirt everyday. He was in heaven! He even rolled in it on several occasions, I thought it was great. Plus that, I had no choice but to put him in the dirt! That boy is 23 pounds and packing him around everywhere gave me a workout each day. (I guess I get that workout everyday at home too..)

Roasting marshmallows was a fun treat a few of the nights around the campfire.
Spending time with the cousins was awesome! It brought a smile to my face every day to see Reanne, Sierra, Grant, William and Zachary (and Jameson) playing together :) They all got along great all week and balanced each other out in playtime with different cousin combos. A couple days we got out the bat and woofle ball and William and Zachary showed the camp how hard they could smack a ball. It was fun to play ball with the boys up there. The campers were impressed too.
I was so glad that Kristy and Tracy decided to come. It was nice to spend time with my sisters, even if it wasn't the most relaxing time because of solo mom duty.

I am looking forward to going back in 2015. We are going to try and make it an every other year trip. And next time... Billy does not get the option to stay behind! :)
PS- Of coarse I forgot my camera for this trip (gotta forget something right) So thank you to Tracy, Kristy, Dad and Bob Oliver for taking so many for me :)!!


  1. It was an awesome week, even though it took a million hours to get there and back :) ... Does that sound like Reanne talking? Ha

  2. So glad we were all able to go. Felt like going back home... and it is always fun to spend time with family. :) Also... you are welcome for the pictures, I need to finish editing them and send you all of them.

  3. Those are great pictures! I promise to send mine soon. So glad we got to spend time with you and the boys.

  4. That really does look like so much fun, but I also thought of how different it would be as an adult. More responsibilities, etc. I'm so glad you guys had fun, and I'm looking forward to coming next time!