Friday, April 20, 2012

A day out with Thomas

This afternoon, after my five minute appointment at the doctors, the boys and I headed to Fillmore to check out the life size Thomas the train.  They had tents set up to color, play on train tables, story telling, meet sir topham hat and a 25 minute train ride aboard Thomas the train. We bought our train tickets, walked around a little bit, and then it was all aboard Thomas for an exciting adventure! William was pretty excited to go on a train ride with Thomas and the interactive ride to find "a special" was quite entertaining.  We were looking for something big, shiny & beautiful.... soon after we got our clues, one of the train conductors came down the aisle holding a big diamond. We had collected our special and headed back to the station. I think the boys enjoyed the train ride, it sure was a nice day for it.

When we got home I shuffled down to the river to swim in the cool water. The rest of the neighborhood was down there too since it was in the 90's back in the canyon today. It felt really good on my body to get in the water, I haven't been in the water my entire pregnancy. My doctor has been telling me to get in the water because of my veins, so now that I have 2 1/2 weeks left.... finally followed doctors orders :) I'm sure I'll get in tomorrow too.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

This is the first year in our marriage (i think) that we colored eggs as a family. A month ago, when we were at the book store, we bought William a Curious George book all about egg dying. He was really into the book, so i figured he would be just as into the real deal. He was, almost as much as Billy :) We had a nice Saturday night coloring the hard boiled eggs.
Easter Sunday after church, and after a hair cut for William, Billy hid the eggs out in the back yard. Since there were only 9 and both boys were really good at finding them, Billy hid the eggs 3 more times! William and Zachary really enjoyed themselves and it was so fun to watch them run around looking for the hidden eggs.
Glad it was a nice day too. William got a chocolate egg from Primary, an egg sized hollow one, which he ate in the car on the way home and got ALL over his white shirt. So when we got home I took his shirt off to work on the stains & of course, whatever one brother does the other one needs to do to and off went Zachary's shirt. No cute pictures in their Sunday best. That's my boys!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Random photo shoot

On Friday we went into town to run some errands. Billy has been feeling sick for a week now & after trying a raw diet and home brewed tea to cure him, we finally took him to the Med center. While the boys and I waited for him to be seen by a doctor (which was a LONG time) we met a nice lady & her dog out in the parking lot. The boys had fun playing with the dog and running around and I chatted with this women about her sick son, among other things. Randomly she asked if she could take some pictures of the boys because she thought they were so cute & she would email me the pictures! She pulled out her fancy camera and started snapping away and she got some really cute ones i thought.
It was so nice of her to take some cute pictures for me. I was just thinking I needed some updates. They grow so darn fast!
On another note, William has been riding this balance bike lately that we borrowed from the neighbors down the road. Today he started to bomb the little hill outside our house! I was amazed how he just went for it. He took the speed like a champ and made the turn at the bottom nice and smooth with great balance. Next step is to take the training wheels off his little bike and let him go for it! William never ceases to amaze me.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Play group

Today was our weekly outing to play group. With the new month, we were at a new park and the boys really loved it there. We will be meeting at Bella Vista park for the month of April. It's right in between DP and the old El Rancho school and it's a big park! Lots of trees and grass to romp and explore as well as a nice play ground.
One of the girls in the playgroup suggested we have an Easter egg hunt today to lead into Easter weekend. It was a huge hit! There were so many kids that showed up today and they were all pumped to look for eggs in the grass, trees and picnic areas. It was so fun to watch them go. I don't think my boys have ever had the experience of searching for eggs but they knew just what to do :) They both filled their baskets and were very happy hunters.
I am going to do my best to not eat all their candy over the next few days.... I love Easter candy!