Thursday, April 30, 2015

The many visitors of Leila

Leila's arrival brought lots of family into town to meet the newest little Wrenn :)

Thank you to all who came to help, love and support us.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Graduation- class 118

Last weekend was Billy's big day! Graduation from fire academy! Billy asked me a few days before if I would do the honor of pinning his badge at the ceremony :) I was proud to do it. He and the other two recruits were praised for their hard work throughout the 2 month academy, there were speeches, a slide show of pictures and a nice dinner too. Billy was sworn into service with the Montecito fire department.

His Mom, Brother Ian & Emmett, Dad & Grandma all came down for the special occasion. I'm so very proud of him for his determination, hard work and focus during this crazy & amazing transition from forest service to municipal department!!
(somehow I missed the opportunity to get a picture of all the family there together... sigh)

Monday, April 13, 2015

Count down to Graduation!

Billy is in his last week of academy! As of tonight, 3 more days and then GRADUATION! I know Billy is excited to be done and I am excited for him to be done with this crazy schedule he has had for the past 6 weeks. He found out that he will be put on A shift at the station which means his first day of work as a probationary fire fighter is this Sunday. Life is about to be a little different in our home. I think we are all ready :)

Meanwhile, we have all been surviving at home and loving our new addition to the family!

 Leila had her first trip to church yesterday. She was an angel. She wore my dress. My Dad bought this dress for me when I was born and somehow I kept it all these years in hopes to put it on my little girl one day.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter weekend

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had. The boys dyed eggs on Friday night. I was feeding Leila and didn't get any pictures... but their eggs turned out nice and colorful and Daddy was the only one to spill the egg dye. :) Saturday morning the boys found their Easter baskets waiting for them at the table. They dove in and enjoyed some treats right after breakfast. We then spent the morning and afternoon listening to conference. The boys have conference bingo sheets to help them listen for things and mark them off, so they did great. In between sessions, Billy hid all the plastic eggs outside in the front of the house. Each boy had their own color egg to look for, so it was equal and fair ;) gotta have equal and fair right! They had two hunts, because one just wasn't enough. It was fun to watch.

Sunday we watched the other two sessions of conference, made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and spent the rest of the sunny day outside enjoying each others company.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Just a few cute photos

I took a few pictures of Leila this morning while she was awake and not wanting to eat :) I'm loving the bows and flowers I get to add to her sweet little outfits. And I'm loving her too!

 These are from a few days ago :)