Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bunco Finale

I hosted Bunco on Friday night for the last time in our beautiful double wide.... it was a happy/ sad night. Lots of girls came- 16 to be exact. It was a good time. I even came out with the most bunco rolls, 3, and won half the pot! Always a bonus :)
I made a huge pot of sweet potato & black bean turkey chili and it turned out dreamy. The food spread was impressive with all the contributions from the neighbors and everyone was well fed. I also made a batch of Deett's famous punch. It has frozen OJ, pineapple juice, apple cider and 7up. It was a hit as well.
I gave away 2 door prizes since there were so many people that came... I made a small messenger bag that turned out darn good. (of course I forgot to get a picture of it!) I also gave away some JamBerry nails. The girl that won the bag was a girl that showed up that hadn't been in years... didn't really know her, and I couldn't tell if she really appreciated the bag like I know my neighbors would have. Oh well. Whatever. I had invited Rosie Wright, who now lives on west camino, to join us for the night and she left with the jamberry door prize! I was happy about that.
My boys are still recovering from being kicked out of the house until 10pm... we had to get up the next morning to clean the church at 8am on Saturday. Not a very good combination. And then of course another early morning out to church today. We all still need more sleep after this weekend. Sorry boys.

Now I need to get serious about boxing stuff up. It's nice that we aren't moving very far away... I'm really hoping that it will be pretty smooth over all. More of a gradual thing rather than one big move day.

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Apparently blogging/ journal writing is not a top goal for me in 2013 ;) Over Christmas, my family all got really sick and Jameson was teething up a storm. However we still made the drive from Santa Barbara to Utah to spend Christmas with my family and then drove over to Truckee to see Billy's family after that. We made it home on new years eve and were all in bed by 10pm. Happy New Year. We both decided that we are staying put next year for the holidays. I had a good time in Utah despite not feeling the best and the rest of my family down for the count. I loved spending time at my parents house with all my sisters, parents and in laws. It was awesome to watch the cousins all run around together and have tons of fun. William was SO excited to play with Grant! It was nice to take a new family picture and awesome to take some new sister pictures. I wish we could have gotten a picture of all the cousins together... one day i guess. I got a short Christmas run in, the snow froze my feet and the air was very cold but it was refreshing to be outside. I started some art on canvas with my sisters one night. I don't know how long it will take me to finish mine- probably a while. Not sure why I chose to do something so challenging, but it should be cool if I ever finish it :)
I got a fancy camera for Christmas. I haven't used it much so far, but I did take a few pictures of the boys the other day out on the playground. They were being really cute. I am looking forward to learning all about what this camera can do!
Billy and I made it to the temple last weekend. Camie said she would hang out with the boys while we went! Now that she lives in Redondo Beach, only 15 miles from the temple, we can do a two for one deal :) Go to the temple and visit friends! Billy and I are still new to it all. We got there thinking the sessions were on the hour only to have just missed the start of one on the half hour. Whoops. Then of course the next session happened to be the American sign language session :) It was pretty neat though. After we made it back to Redondo and the kids, who had a blast and were great for Camie & Ryan, Camie and I went out for an evening run. Ahh how I miss running with Camie. We ran up & down hills, to the beach and on the sand and back home again for 8 miles. I was able to keep up with her, even on the hills coming back, and felt great. I guess after sitting in the car and then in the temple my body was ready to move :)
Now I am starting to get into move mode. Looking around the house at what I can get rid of and what I might be able to box up. It's so overwhelming. I am not doing to much right now because I am hosting all the ladies over in a week for Bunco. No need to box up the house before a party. I will get down to business once Bunco is over.
I want to sew another messanger bag. I made one for my sister for Christmas and loved the way it turned out. I want to make one for me and maybe make one for the door prize for Bunco night.
I think that about catches me up to current life.