Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Going green, camo style

The other week I decided our house needed a reusable lunch set like I have made for so many others. I keep making them and giving them away... so I made a set for us. I still need to sew a few more, but at least we have our first set. Billy has already used them and showed them off to the guys at work.
Here is the reusable sandwich wrap and snack bag that I made out of an old handkerchief.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Wallet for William

The last time Grandpa was here, he and William dumped out and counted all the money in Williams piggy bank. There was over $150 in there! So, last Wednesday I took William to the bank to open his very own bank account. He felt so big sitting with the banker, he even got to sign the signature pad (he helped me sign my name). Then he waited in line and gave the teller his very first deposit. As we were sitting with the banker, William told me he needed a wallet like Mommy and Daddy. So when we left the bank we walked over to rite aid and found him his very own wallet. Then he said he needed a card in it. We put the banker's card who helped him in his wallet and the receipt of his first deposit in there too.
He has not put that wallet down very many times since we bought it. The other day he said, "Mom, I got sixty bucks in my wallet". I asked him what he was going to buy with that sixty bucks.?!? "I'm going to buy diapers Mom." haha. Probably because I have been trying to get him to wear underwear lately :) Two and a half, in diapers with a bank account. Awesome.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Today the boys and I drove across the valley to the U-pick Blueberry farm near Buellton. We met up with a few other friends from church and made a short afternoon out of it. It was short because it was hot! Not sure exactly how hot... but it was 102 at our house today, so i assume around there.

Anyway, you get a bucket at the stand and head out to the field of bushes to pick away. You can eat as many blueberries as you want as you pick, so Williams bucket never stayed full. Zachary didn't mind being on the ground next to the bushes because he found plenty of berries to snack on. All in all the boys ate A LOT of blueberries today and we came home with a big bucket full too. They are really tasty blueberries!!We took a lunch break under this huge oak tree next to the field. There were picnic benches and plenty of shade for all to enjoy. We were all dripping with sweat, so it was nice to cool off. I was the only one who took my boys back for more after lunch, we didn't quite have our bucket full at that point. Everyone else took off back to the cooler temps of Santa Barbara. I guess we are pretty used to the heat the valley brings by now.
What a fun little adventure, we will definitely have to go again!