Friday, August 27, 2010

Hawaii in a jiffy

Well, I made it to Hawaii after all to see my really great friend Julie get married. It was VERY last minute. Bought my ticket late Wednesday night when i saw a cheap one and left super early Friday morning. Thanks again Mom & Dad for Watching William so last minute! Zachary & I were not even there for 4 whole days... we took a red eye home Monday night and got to LAX at 5am on Tuesday. Sadly, i didn't even stop to take one picture! (I know, am i even related to Tracy??) We haven't bought a camera yet, but i do have an old one i could have used if i would have stopped to think about it. Basically i just helped with the wedding all weekend and by the time Monday rolled around for my "almost whole day" to enjoy myself, i was worn out and not feeling all that well. I didn't even drive to the north shore :( I did however sleep at the dolphin house my first night there which is where Julie and I were roommates.
Zachary was an amazing traveler but the time difference threw us both off as far as sleeping went- bummer. Zachary had sleeping threw the night down before this little last minute adventure.
The Wedding reception was really nice. Hawaiian food, dancers, hula and a serenade. I also went to the ring ceremony on Lanikai beach, it was beautiful and not to hot, but kinda windy. I stood with Kim Johnson and her son Leo and got to chat and catch up with her while we were waiting for the event to start. I also drove Julie to the beach which was pretty special, she told me if she knew i was coming for sure she would have asked me to be her maid of honor. I was flattered. Wedding days can be so hectic if you let them.
On my way home going through security I alarmed their system twice and had to be completely patted down (aka: totally violated) and my two very carefully packed carry ons were ripped open and spread everywhere! When they were all done going threw all my things they left it for me to pack back up with a baby in one arm... oh how i love flying :) I wanted to cry.
We made it back to the parking lot in LA only to find 3 very "comical" letters tucked under my wiper, accusing me of hitting a car, which set off the alarm, which killed the battery. Hum. I think i would have noticed if i hit a car and set off an alarm. I was called a loser and idiot and told that i got my license on idiot day! The notes were written in crayon and looked like the hand writing of a 5th grader. Plus they wrote in text abbreviations and obviously didn't have spell check ! It was confusing at first at 5am... but then it was just comical.
Anyway, now i am recovering from being sick. I came home not feeling well and just got worse. High fever of 103.4, red and swollen tonsils- which makes it impossible to eat because it kills to swallow, achy body and trying to handle 2 kids. I have no clue how Zachary is getting enough to eat and how my body is still able to keep up with milk production with all this, but i'm glad it is all working. I'm starving and would like to eat the left overs in my fridge before they go bad, hope my swelling goes down soon. Mouth issues are NO fun.
That pretty much raps up my super fast trip to Hawaii with no pictures.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oak Tree Down!

This evening while we were sitting at the dinner table we heard a cracking sound, looked out the window and watched as a HUGE branch fell off one of the oaks outside. It was crazy. We jumped up and went out to see it up close. It fell over the entire road and missed hitting anything important, phew. As we were standing and talking with our neighbor who also watched it happen, we heard more cracking! We all ran away from the tree as the rest of it came crashing down right where we were standing!! Wow! I was holding Zach, Billy was holding William... so we all got to witness the rotted oak finally fall apart.
Our neighbor Dustin (who works on the hot shots with Billy) jumped in his truck and drove with Billy down to the compound to grab chain saws. I think they were pretty pumped to cut up the tree. So the kids, neighbors and I spent the rest of the evening listening to chain saws ripping up the tree until it was to dark to work. A perfect ending to a beautiful day in Paradise (for Billy!) I on the other hand got to clean the kitchen, bath the children and calm them down from the very loud noise- all on my own. Good times in the wilderness :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I need a camera

Entering the blog world will be a lot better once we purchase a new camera... we are working on it. Just need to make a decision. In the mean time, i can blog about my trip to Utah and use pictures from my sister Tracy. I will do that when it is not so late and i'm not so tired :)

Friday, August 6, 2010