Friday, July 27, 2012

First Laugh

Jameson melted my heart tonight. I was talking and smiling to him, he was making cuing noises and smiling back. I tried to imitate one of his sounds and he started laughing! I laughed and he laughed again! It was a precious moment :) Little babies are the best. Thank you Jameson for brightening my evening, I love you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bloody day

This morning I got to go for a run after Billy came home from his. I chose to run/hike snyder trail across the street. I made it to "the sign" (where the guys all hike for their pt) in 28 minutes and then started my jog down toward home. I was almost to the bottom and on a flat part of the trail when I kicked a rock and took a dive. It was a little shocking, I can't remember the last time I fell that hard. I just couldn't catch myself because I was going to fast and down I went. I think I slid for quite a distance too. My right knee is skinned and a little sore, my left leg has a good road rash on it and both my palms are skinned up and bloody... but, I sure enjoyed my run nonetheless :)
Then this evening, Zachary was goofing off in the tub and fell, splitting open his eyelid. Of course Billy was gone on a man date to see the new batman movie. I was sitting on the toilet nursing Jameson and directing the boys to scrub where all the dirt was on their filthy bodies. Of course it had to happen right then. Poor Jameson was screaming from being put down in the middle of his dinner. Poor Zachary was screaming and had blood coming down from the corner of his eye. Poor William just sat in the brown water as I hurried to try and get everything under control. Glad he wasn't screaming from seeing the blood... only when it's on him i guess.
At least this didn't happen last Thursday when we had no power from 12noon to 12 midnight. And at least the water was turned back on by evening so I could bathe the boys at all. Our water was turned off all of a sudden this afternoon without warning, it happens back here, annoying.
Everyone is sleeping now- thank goodness our bloody day is over.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Billy had this great idea to make a mat out of pictures of our dirty boys for the frame that Mom got us. So here it is finished for now. I'm sure I will change out some pictures here and there when I get good ones :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

William's on two wheels

On Thursday evening William hit another mile stone. The training wheels came off his bike. I was watching two of our neighbors kids who are 8 and 5, they both had brought their bikes to ride while they stayed with us. Billy was home, so I was riding bikes with them all too. William was watching everyone ride and all of a sudden said "I want to take my training wheels off." So Billy took them off and started to hold the bike behind him.  William was super determined and very quickly told Billy he could do it.... and that was that. I didn't even have time to get the video camera for that first take off! (we did get some footage of the evening though)
I knew he was ready because he has been doing really well cruising around on his balance bike. We have been talking about taking off his training wheels for a little while, I was just waiting for Billy to be home.
William is really excited about riding his bike all over again. It's so fun to watch him grow up! I am so proud of him.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home

Well, Billy comes home tomorrow and we are all ready and excited to have Dad around again! It was a really long 19 days and I'm sure that has something to do with 3 boys all under the age of 4 and the fact that Billy has only had one day off in a month and a half. I'm ready for a BREAK.

Here are the boys painting Dadddy a welcome home sign-

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I finally got Jameson's name hung up in the boys room. I had it painted and completed by the time he was 3 weeks old, just never had a chance to get it on the wall.  The room is a little bit closer to being complete. The only thing left is that painting I started before William was born :) haha.