Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Worth an entry

Tonight as William was getting ready to get in the bath and taking off his clothes, he pulled his shirt up over his head and said with a smile; "Mom, this is like Jesus". Too cute :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back yard progress

Billy and I have been working on the back yard. We have never used the space because it was uneven, full of holes and completely overgrown with weeds. We have a nice fenced in area back there and I decided to come up with a plan to make it a place we will use.

First I made a rough sketch of a simple and inexpensive yard.

Next Billy weed whacked the forest of growth. I raked and dumped the weeds to clear the area. Then Billy and I swung the tools, broke up the dirt and smoothed out the hills & holes.

I dug out some lines for rocks and pathways. Then we showered the yard with grass seed and fertilizer. I have slowly been bringing in wheelbarrows full of gravel rock (from a big pile up the road). This is how it looks so far.

Front teeth

Zachary's front teeth are popping through and he really likes to show them off when he smiles! It's a crack up :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big helper

William really loves to help me when I am doing chores around the house. I hope it sticks!

Zacharys 1st Birthday

I'm a little behind on my blog/journal. I have a hard time sitting at the computer for a long time and an even harder time keeping up with putting pictures on the computer. Today Billy left for a fire assignment in New Mexico/ Texas and i'm sure he will be gone for a couple weeks. So, once the kids go to bed I have a little more time to be on the computer.

Anyway. Zacharys 1st birthday party was a small neighborhood BBQ gathering and super mellow. We combined it will our annual fire season kick off BBQ that we have as a neighborhood.We served up tri-tip sandwiches and everyone brought a potluck side to share. We bought a dinosaur cake from Costco (because it had been quite the morning dealing with car trouble and put me behind schedule for making one) I know Zachary didn't care though. In fact, he fell asleep before we were able to set him up for a piece of his own. He had some cake on his actual birthday a few days later :)

I can't believe my baby boy is one year old. He is such a happy and mellow little man. Everyday that I look at him I wonder when it was that he got so big. He is getting really close to walking and loves to stand and terrain. He likes pushing William around on the push car in the house, it's pretty cute to watch. William is a wonderful big brother and plays with Zachary a lot. Zachary is all smiles when William is around. They are such good buddys.

Happy Birthday Zachary.