Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Day

Not to make anyone jealous or anything... but today was a beautiful sunny 70+ degree day and so we decided to make it a beach day. William had a blast going back and forth from the park to the sand. We built sand castles, dug in the sand and searched for treasures. Zachary had his first time sitting up in the sand and letting it run through his fingers. East beach was perfect today. I love living in Santa Barbara and I hope I never have to leave.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Talks

Billy and I got nabbed to speak in Church today. We weren't assigned a specific topic, but being the first of the year I chose to speak on setting and achieving goals. Billy followed by talking about standing in holy places. I think they went together nicely and we were able to take up almost all the time between the two of us. I wrote a little poem to conclude my talk today and I wanted to write it down here in the blog. The relief Society president came up to me after the meeting and asked for a copy so she could pass it out to all the sisters.. what a nice compliment.

Keep your focus

The first of the year
the time we all know
to write down our goals
and give them a go

Try to save a dollar
want to plan a trip
and as for my finances
I must get a grip

Perform more service
get those monthly visits done
develop a new talent
save time for a little fun

Become a better person
learn to listen more
practice daily scripture study
build up my food store

Whatever goals you may have
at this time of year
don't forget to keep your focus
on the One we hold so dear

The Savior needs to be the center
and the bottom line
as we think of all the ways
to make life more divine.

4 years

I wanted to record the 4 year marriage marker.12/29 Billy and I celebrated anniversary #4 in Utah while visiting my family over Christmas. Billy bought me red roses (which we left for my Mom to enjoy) and made me a cute card. We went out for dessert at this cute restaurant in Springville called Maglebees. I had creme brulee and Billy had chocolate cake and ice cream. It was delicious and really nice to have an hour out of the house away from the boys, just the two of us. I miss that sometimes.

I sure am very lucky to have such a wonderful man in my life. I love you Billy.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Fun

Christmas brought lots of travel and emotion. We drove to Mapleton Utah to spend the holiday with the Mills crew this year. We drove through the night to get there which actually was really awesome to drive without having to cater to or entertain the boys. William had the week of his life playing with his cousins everyday, all day. Not to many naps happened but he was so happy to play and run all day around Grandma & Grandpas new big house I didn't care. It was so fun to watch the kids all play together, hang out with my sisters & brother in-laws and help my parents move in. What a wonderful Christmas.I am so happy that my parents have a big beautiful house to live in and my sisters and brother near to visit them. But, I am sad to no longer have them next to me to visit and spend time with.
I love my family! What a great Christmas.