Tuesday, February 19, 2013

JamBerry Nails

For Christmas, I bought my sister Tracy a couple sheets of fun JamBerry nail shields. I thought they were pretty awesome so I bought a sheet for myself too :)
I applied them a month ago on my toe nails and they are still going strong and look just as good as day one! I get compliments every Sunday and pretty much everywhere else I go in my flip flops.

I just might be hooked!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The ranch house

We are still working away trying to get the ranch house move in ready. It's slow progress because Billy is working full time and then spending any free time and days off over there working on it. Not really fun for either one of us really. We are getting pretty excited to make the move though. Here is a sneak peek at the house (that needs SO much TLC) and THE VIEW!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Billy turns 30

Our family celebrated Billy's 30th birthday on the last day of January. The original plan was to go to Disney Land on his birthday as a family.... but he was in class all week at Vandenburg air force base. So we will be finding a different day to go. Because he was getting home a little later than normal each evening, there wasn't a lot of evening time for a night out, but hopefully I can plan a date for us soon too.
Pretty much it was a regular evening at home + cake and ice cream. The boys and I drove over to the golf coarse back here, Rancho San Marcos, and bought Daddy a round of golf. Then we went into town and picked up a dozen helium balloons to decorate the house. We had BBQ chicken and french bread and I made Billy a funfetti cake for the 10th year in a row! Can't believe I've been making his birthday cake for 10 years already. I also made homemade chocolate banana ice cream which is something I made him the first year I made his birthday cake but I haven't been as consistent with.
The boys each made him a homemade card and really enjoyed his balloons too.
All in all it was a nice night as a family. Happy Birthday Billy. Welcome to your 30's! :)