Thursday, August 8, 2013

Calf sitting take two

We spent the last 3 days with the baby calves again. This time we had the AM & the PM shifts :) The boys enjoyed helping me scoop the grain and checking for chicken eggs in the hen house. Zachary was not shy around the calves and even helped brush their fur today. The newest addition to the animal line up was Sheba the Llama! She is the protector of the baby calves and she is doing a great job. They no longer have to be loaded into a trailer at night because Sheba is on guard.
I remembered my camera this time :) Hooray.


  1. How fun! And so cute!!! So glad that you remembered your camera this time. Love the pictures and Love you!

  2. Your boys are so cute. And what a great life they are living. My kids had tons of fun shadowing your boys when we were in Santa Barbara.