Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Where did the month go! It wasn't even a big fire month and I still didn't find time to write things down. Well, it was a hot and beautiful month in Santa Barbara with only one local fire. Besides that, we practiced for the Primary program a lot (William did not say his part) oh well, we tried :)

We went apple picking

Went to the Pumpkin patch

Hosted our 3rd annual neighborhood pumpkin carving night

 and got dressed up for Trunk or treat

Here is the whole crew at a neighborhood Halloween party this last weekend. Billy left this morning to go and help with the storm clean up in New York, so we were short a captain hook today. It was another fun family coordinating year though with Peter Pan. William sure made a cute one. And once I told Zachary that he wouldn't get any treats from people without his glasses and hat on, he made the cutest John I have ever seen :) Jameson just hung on my hip as little Micheal and I was Wendy the Mom. Appropriate I think.  Happy Halloween & Happy October.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mr. Independant

This morning William and Zachary got out their power tools to play with. They like to go around the house and "fix" things for me. Their are a few that take batteries and actually spin and move. William discovered that one of these had run out of batteries and he was determined to make it work. So, he went to the patio where we keep the screw drivers, said to himself (out loud) lefty loosey, and opened the battery panel. He then removed the old batteries, went and got two AA batteries from the drawer and replaced them in the tool and put the battery panel back on. Righty tighty and good to go! He then showed me his handy work, "look Mom, it works now."  All by himself.
What a guy. Good work William!