Saturday, May 30, 2015

Dr check ups and no front teeth!

Jameson and Leila both had check ups at the pediatrician yesterday. Jameson threw a fit for the majority of the time and Leila was an angel. The difference of awareness I suppose.

Jameson weighed in at 33 pounds and 3foot 1. He sets the record for the family being the first above the 50th percentile! (63% for weight) no big surprise there.
He flipped out when they pricked his finger to check the iron count in his blood. He also dodged his shot because he woke up stuffy. Lucky him.

Leila weighed in at 11 pounds! I could hardly believe it! 30th percentile :) not bad for my baby. She has also grown 3 inches. She checked out beautifully and even got her first shot without making a peep. I was shocked she didn't cry.

On another note. William woke up the other day and walked out of his room holding his other front tooth! He calmly said "Mom, my tooth just came out right now. There isn't even any blood this time." Then turned around and went back to his bed.

Love all these fun mile stones :)

Strike a pose Zachary!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May birthday boys

Where do the days go?
Jameson turned 3 on May 9th and Zachary turned 5 on May 12th.
We actually got invited to a big birthday bash on Saturday the 9th to celebrate like 12 different peoples birthdays all around the same few days. It was amazing how many birthdays were on the same days in this circle of friends. I made special cupcakes for all the birthday people to be able to blow out their own candle in the big celebration. It was a lot of fun. Thank you Gleason family for sharing this birthday weekend with our family (and so many others)!

Billy was off work on Zachary's birthday and so we decided to go miniature golfing together! The boys have had their fair share of swinging golf clubs and they love doing it, so we thought this would be perfect. They had never mini golfed before and their first swings were like fairway shots. Billy gave them some pointers, but they basically played it like ice hockey in the end. It was a blast. We went to Boomers in Santa Maria where they also have an arcade room and go carts! The boys each got a few tokens to play in the arcade and then William and Zachary drove the go carts outside. Poor Jameson was too small and he wasn't very happy about it either. He kept shaking the barred gate trying to get in there to those cars. William and Zachary drove them like pros! It was super cute to watch. They each got the feel for the cars right away and had no issues learning how to operate and maneuver them.

I think both boys enjoyed all the birthday fun. We managed to squeeze a little bit of Mothers day in there too.. thank goodness for Primary :) I got some cute cards and a beautiful children's choir to sing to me.

Hooray for May! Can't believe it's quickly coming to an end....

Monday, May 11, 2015

Blessing day

A week ago Sunday,(same day William lost his front tooth) Leila was given a baby blessing by Billy and a small circle of priesthood friends.
It was a very sweet blessing for a very sweet girl.
We tried to get a nice family photo after sacrament meeting, but Jameson was not in the mood to cooperate :) that's reality for you.

Here are a couple of pictures I took after we got home from church that day. Trying to capture Leila's beautiful dress and cute face. The dress was kinda big... but it is beautiful. A gift from our friends in Nashville!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tooth #4

William has had a wiggly front tooth for a while now, he was always asking us to feel how wiggly it was and if we thought he should pull it out. Well, on Sunday evening he finally pulled it out! There was quite a bit of blood, but he didn't seem to mind one bit. He got cleaned up and sat right down to write his letter to the tooth fairy. It was a cute letter, asking the tooth fairy if she thought he deserved 4 things for loosing his forth tooth.
In the morning, William was so excited to show me his little bag with four things. A lollipop, fruit snacks, a small bag of marbles and a dollar. He now sounds just a little different when he talks, it's cute.
Happy days and funny faces!