Monday, March 28, 2016

From purple to yellow!

I was running on the ranch this past Friday and passed by where the fields had been covered in little purple flowers. The field is now covered in bright yellow flowers! So Easter Sunday we had to take another little trip to the field and snap a couple more photos of the kids :) Not the most ideal time of day lighting wise, but you get the idea of how beautiful it is right now.
We are loving the spring this year so far!! Next photos will have to be in orange poppies!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ranch hike

Yesterday the kids and I decided to go on a hike to the hill straight across from us to take some pictures in what I thought was a bunch of poppies. I strapped on Leila, bribed Jameson and the boys jumped on their bikes. We headed down the hill, across bear creek, across the still dry river bed and over to the other side. The boys spotted a game trail that went up the side of the hill so we took it. Once we made it up that we had to tromp thru some tall weeds & pokey wild flowers. We climbed another steep hill, went under an oak and I broke thru some stick brush to get to the orange cluster we stare at from our driveway. I was all excited to put the kids in the poppies, but when I got close, it was not what I expected. No pretty California Poppies at all! It was an invasive ground cover weed called Dodder. Super bright orange, it totally had me fooled! Bummer.
We found an easier way down, more gradual hill leading back down to the ranch road and started back to where the boys left their bikes. I got a few pictures of the boys with the lupine bouquets they picked up on the hill side. At least there was purple lupines since we didn't get poppies. We are trying to soak up the greenery and flowers before it gets so hot that the sun browns everything again. Hopefully the rain isn't done in our area yet... we keep praying for more.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Leila!

It's hard to believe that one year ago today, little Leila Anne was born. The year has passed so quickly! My C section scar is faded to a thin little line and our little girl is almost walking. Leila has been such a blessing in our family this past year. The boys all adore her and are so incredibly sweet with her. She also loves her brothers very much and enjoys all the attention and love they give her. Billy has a special bond with her as well, Leila just loves her Daddy! She really has brought so much joy to our entire family.
Yesterday we had a little party to celebrate her first year of life and it was a perfect evening to enjoy friends & family company outside. I think we had 53 people, Adults, kids & babies :) It didn't feel like that many people... the kids were all so happy and occupied with all the places to play and be outside. Billy was on the BBQ and I made up some salads and veggie platter. The cupcakes were decorated by a few excited kids and Leila enjoyed her very first cupcake complete with sprinkled frosting. I was running around and of course did not even pick up my camera once, but my friend Julie was snapping pictures all evening. Eventually I will get some pictures of the party :) But for now, I took a few pictures today, on Leila's actual birthday, 1st day of spring! Here are some of my favorites-

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Zachary's first Tee Ball game

This evening was Zachary's first Tee Ball game! It was pretty cute and entertaining, there are such a wide range of abilities on the field at this stage of little league.  Zachary definitely had the play of the game when he caught a pop fly! He had an awesome line drive hit as well that made it through all the players into the out field. His swing and throwing arm are really something to behold. I'm so proud of this little but mighty son of mine :) Go team Storm!

Billy is helping coach the team, he is really good with all the kids.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sweet Science

William has been studying about rocks in his science lessons this past unit. He has learned about sedimentary rocks and he is now learning about igneous rocks. We made some igneous rock for school the other day, mimicking magma to lava to igneous rock.... with homemade chocolate.  A handful of semi sweet chocolate chips melted with coconut oil and we threw in some peanuts for good measure :) Once it was all melted, William poured it over a parchment covered mound and watched it flow down the sides and harden. (Well, we didn't watch it harden. That would have taken a little longer than I like spending on a school lesson.)
Here is the happy science student ready to eat his rock lesson!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wildflower time!

The fields are colored purple right now with wildflowers, it's so beautiful! I love this time of year back here in the canyon and especially running around on the ranch.
We were all together Sunday and decided to go out and take some family pictures. Unfortunately I didn't double check my camera before we left and we discovered I didn't put the battery back in after I charged it! Bummer! Luckily, Billy has a fancy iPhone now & it takes pretty good pictures. Although we didn't get the perfect family photo, there were still some pictures taken :)

Happy early spring!