Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Leila's 2

Monday was Leila's second birthday! I can't believe our sweet little baby girl is 2 years old already. Billy made the kids pancakes in the morning and we did our typical school routine. We played outside and enjoyed the nice day and before we all new it, it was time to leave for William and Zachary's baseball game. Leila fell asleep driving down the pass and stayed that way for almost 2 hours as I dropped the boys off at the field for warm ups, went and got gas in the car, picked up dinner at Valentino's, and then back to the field before the game. She woke up about 30 minutes into the game. Game ended around 7 and we were home around 7:30. A little more dinner was eaten and then funfetti cupcakes were served with candles and a birthday song. Leila was so happy to get a cupcake and be sung to, but she wouldn't take a bite of her cake... I guess I need to try chocolate next time. :)

Everyone in the family agrees that it is a blessing to have Leila in our home. She is as sweet as they come. She is always happy, always smiling, loves her brothers, loves to snuggle, and so easy going. She talks so well and is such a good little singer, i'm so impressed with her everyday!

Birthday two wasn't much of a celebration, but Happy Birthday Leila, we love you!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Rockies

William and Zachary have now played their first 2 games of the season.  We are off to a slow start with so many of our teams practices being canceled due to rain. There are lots of boys on the team that could use more play time and practice to learn the game. William and Zachary are playing awesome! They are so fun to watch. With William's experience from last year, he is a key player to our team and really dominates out there. Zachary is right behind him because he has played so much with William and Dad at home and on fields around town. They just love the game. They are focused and into it and so it is fun to watch them.
It's been a little hard for me to watch the games just because of how new most of the players are and how so many of them don't seem to be to into it. But I am biting my tongue and doing my best to just cheer everyone on. Hopefully we will only get better and the ones who don't seem to be to into it will get more into it.
Here are just a few pictures from game number one- Rockies vs. Padres...

Friday, March 10, 2017

Jameson the Hot Rod!!

My little Jameson is officially on a tee ball team and he is awesome! He has had 3 practices so far and next week he has his first two games. I love his team name, Hot Rod's. He looks so good in orange! He has a lot of talent and practice under his belt already from playing with Dad and big brothers. He will for sure be the all star on his team this season and I can't wait to watch his games!
Looking good out there Jame-o. I sure love you tons!!!

 Just look at that form!!


Sunday, March 5, 2017

North Shore

The Tuesday before we left Hawaii we took a drive up to the North Shore. Its a windy slow drive along the ocean all the way there. It's really not that many miles, maybe 23?, but takes at least 45 minutes. We stopped in Laie first. I got to show the kids where I went to school, the gym where I spent a lot of my time, and we went into the campus book store.

Next we drove around the corner to the Laie Temple. Billy and I really wanted to go inside the temple and do a session, but I couldn't line up a sitter, so we settled for the visitors center and walking the grounds. The kids really enjoyed the visitors center, and they happened to be showing a really neat video about Laie and the beginnings of the town and members there. It was very neat!
We left there and headed for a beach. Found an easy spot at Sunset Beach and enjoyed the water and sand there for a bit. I smiled, because Sunset beach was one of the first beaches that I went to and swam in when I first moved to Hawaii for school. It's so easy to just get right in.

From Sunset we slowly made our way to the historic town of Haleiwa. I wanted the kids to experience Motsumotos shave ice. By the time we pulled into Haleiwa and found parking and waited in line for shave ice, it was dinner time. So, we all had shave ice for dinner! I guess when you are on vacation, anything goes :)

We circled back and headed home to Kailua after getting a couple souvenirs on the North Shore.  I love this part of the island so much. It just has this special country beach feel, kinda like home.

Wednesday we visited Pearl Harbor and taught the boys that special piece of American history. William is going to do a school presentation on our visit and what he learned. We also walked a part of the swap meet at the Aloha stadium which was only a mile from the Harbor. I got lots of gifts and souvenirs to take home there too. And that about wraps up our 10 days in Hawaii. Thursday was a smooth (but long) travel day home.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kailua beach time

Just a few pictures of the family enjoying some beach time in Kailua.  I'm feeling a little guilty that we missed the biggest storm to hit SB in 5 years..... but not that guilty. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

House sitting in Hawaii

We are in Hawaii for 10 days house sitting for the Hollands while they are in Utah and Colorado. We are having a blast already. Walking to the beach everyday and enjoying some warm salty water and sunshine. I am hoping that this stay in Kailua will clear up all my kids crud they have in their lungs and body. Only been here a couple days, but here are some cute pictures of my extra curly haired girl! The humidity is really making her hair wild!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Birthday Boy

We celebrated Billy's birthday last Tuesday with a beautiful outdoor day and some funfetti cake at night. After we got school done, went back into the orthodontist for William (who lost a bracket brushing his teeth the first night he had them on) we headed out to Carp to meet up with some playgroup friends and pick avocados at our friends new house and small orchard. We picked a lot of avocados! They were asking people to come pick the trees because last years crop was still on them and they want a good crop next season. Win- win for everyone right!
After picking avocados, we went to lunch in Summerland at a local hamburger place Billy had eaten at once after training out there for work. Then it was off to piano lessons for the boys. I ran a couple errands during lessons and then we headed home.
Billy had requested BBQ tritip for his birthday dinner. So once we got home I prepped the meat, readied a scalloped potato dish, chopped up brocolii and cut up a cantaloupe. It was a delicious meal! We were all stuffed after eating, but we were able to stuff down some funfetti cake drizzled with coconut cream syrup and vanilla ice cream. Happy 34 years of life Billy dear, I sure love you a lot!