Saturday, August 10, 2013


I successfully completed my first tile project all by myself! I started with measurements and then used the skill saw to cut a piece of hardie backer. Got a pile of tile that had been laying around and some thin set (ready mix). Pulled the tile saw out of the shed for the ends that needed cutting and pieced it all down. I finally got some grout today (ready mix again!) and grouted the tile.
Not bad for my first attempt solo :)  Nice that it was just under the kitchen sink so it really doesn't matter how it looks. Now it smells way better down there and will be so easy to clean.


  1. Way to go Lori. I am always so impressed with your many skills and determination to be able to do things when Billy is not around.... most people would just wait until the husband gets home. :) Looks great.

  2. I really think that is cool. Seriously, I lack some major gumption that my sisters all got. :)