Thursday, August 11, 2016

Natural History Museum Visit

We met some friends at the natural history museum today and the kids had a great time playing and creating. I thought we would only be there a couple hours and scoot out for lunch... we were there from 10-2! The time just flew by.

We walked through the T rex exhibit and then out to the butterflies alive tent. I love the butterfly exhibit, it is so peaceful in there. William had two different butterflies land on his head, he was the sweet one today I guess :)

After the butterflies we walked over to the "back yard" where the kids had a blast playing in the creek and building a teepee frame out of bamboo poles.  The museum really has it set up so nice for the kids to have creative play out there. Michelle and I sat under the oak trees with the "babies" and chatted away while the other 5 kept busy and entertained. They all play so nice together, it's great.
We walked through a couple rooms in the museum and made our way to the curiosity lab room which is also set up very nicely for creative play.

We ended the trip at the dinosaur dig sand box behind the museum and that's when I realized it was 2pm. We hadn't had lunch! The kids were doing great, I was feeling kinda faint. We were going to find somewhere to eat, but Billy called and said he was leaving on yet another fire. So we drove home quickly to say our goodbyes again. He was stopping on his way out to grab a few things before leaving for Coalinga where the incident is, so we got to give him hugs. Looking at the calendar, he has worked partial or full shift all but one day so far this month! No wonder I feel so tired and have not had time or energy to post anything new.... ahhhh fire season :)

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  1. I thought he wouldn't have to do that anymore once he was on a city fire station! I quess no firemen can sit out fire season huh?
    Take some cat naps Lori!