Friday, August 19, 2016

Rey Fire!!

Well, our back yard has been a little exciting the last two days. A fire broke out yesterday afternoon a little after 3pm at White rock day use... it was super windy, and word is that a dead tree fell on power lines over there and started the blaze. 3 years ago a run away bbq fire in the same spot started the White fire, but this time the winds took the Rey fire in a different direction.(Basically onto the ranch we live on, Rancho San Fernando Rey) At lease initially. We were just about to head into town when the fire took off yesterday, so we opted to stick around a little longer and see what it was going to do. Billy has been gone almost the entire month on one fire or another. He is busy in Atascadero helping with the Chimney fire by lake Nacimiento, so he is missing all the local action. This also leaves me solo with 4 small children to fend for myself.  I'm used to it though, so it's okay.
My phone started blowing up with text messages and phone calls to check on me and the kids. We sure have a big "community family" here. :)
My friend Lauren sent up her husband Kevin with his truck in case we wanted to move any of our precious memories... which I did send a few bins with him. Just in case. It was mostly just really nice to have another adult there with me to look at the fire with and calm my nerves.
After about an hour and a half or so, I finally got ahold of Billy. He basically said not to worry and that he felt comfortable our house would be fine. He gave me contact info for a few of the captains and chiefs that were working the fire in case I needed anything or had any questions.

The fire went from around 600 acres last night to almost 3,000 acres this evening. It got windy back here this afternoon and it was hot. The fire spread across more of the ranch and we pretty much listened to helicopters and planes flying by and over our house all day long.  What a show though. That big DC10 really drops a lot of fire retardant!

One nice thing about being married to a fire man is that we are all used to fire and the fire world. The kids weren't scared a bit and enjoyed the air show of helicopters and planes. There only questions for Billy when we got to talk to him were "So dad, what are the medium size planes called?"

It will be interesting to take a drive on the ranch once this fire is out and see the extent of it up close. This may put a damper on our "bear hunting" season coming up.  Bummer.
It feels good to be safe even though it's pretty close and looks pretty bad.

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