Saturday, August 20, 2016

Rey fire day 2

Things got a little more wild and crazy today. It really felt like we were in a war zone with all the helicopters and planes flying overhead. We even felt some water drops from the full buckets as they flew over.

The kids did great again, they didn't seem scared or affected by the proximity of the fire at all. (Zachary playing horseshoes with the fire blowing up behind him) I wasn't anticipating it dropping over this side of the ridges, but boy did it ever. It was burning trees and vegetation that I can run to in 20 minutes from the house.

We watched a lot of retardant drops from the big planes... it was pretty awesome.
I'm grateful the winds were in our favor today and we were safe at our house getting to watch it all.

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  1. The fire's are sad... but you got some cool pictures from it. I love the one of all the kids sitting and watching.