Saturday, July 30, 2016

Safety Town

This past week, Zachary went to a local safety town program.  It's the same program that William did two years ago. It's a great program that teaches 5 & 6 year olds all things safety. Pedestrian and driver safety, fire/ earthquake/ water safety, stranger danger, and good touch bad touch. They get visits from the ambulance and learn about 911. The fire department and forest service teach them about fire safety. Zachary memorized my phone number and our address, he got to ride the local bus and learn about public transportation and safety. It's great.

He was in the same group as his friend Kynley from church. They look like they could be brother and sister :) It was fun for him to have a friend there and over all he had a great experience.  Hooray for safety town!


  1. He is getting so handsome. The girls are going to crazy for him in a few years.