Wednesday, September 4, 2013

CAVA K12 Online Kindergarten

Yesterday I came home to 4 huge boxes on my doorstep. It was all of William's curriculum for Kindergarten from CAVA (California Virtual Academy). Then today another 4 boxes came, a desktop computer and printer just for William to use!
It's official, I am schooling William at home, online and off. He even has a virtual teacher, Mrs. Duffy. It's going to take me/us a while to figure this all out and get a routine down. William is excited about all his new stuff though. There are 6 subjects that we will be working through, Phonics/ Writing/ Literature, Math, Science, History, Art & Music.  Pretty amazing that they sent all this stuff to our home totally free. Art Supplies, Writing paper, science kits, Music CD's and a ton of reading books. As well as all the text books and work books for each subject, this is going to be an adventure!
Kindergarten here we come.


  1. What?! You just tell someone you want to home school and they send you a bunch of stuff for free... just like that? That is pretty sweet. You will have to let me know how it all goes. Can't believe little William is starting school. How exciting.

  2. Free? I didn't expect the government to allow homeschooling for nothing. I'm going to have to look this up! I think it's great Lori that you are going to do this. The more I learn about what is happening in our schools, the more I think everyone should home school. But of course, I don't have to actually do it.

  3. And that's why California is broke. :) I'm glad that you are going to have some stuff for William. I bet he is so excited. Are you going to continue or just do Kindergarten at home?

  4. That IS amazing! I feel like we are constantly being asked for money at Asher's school through fund raisers... and of course we pay for Gwen's preschool. And you get all that stuff free, awesome! If Asher didn't go to such a great and convenient school, I would homeschool him. In fact, I am always thinking about when I'm going to have to pull him out. It almost seems inevitable.