Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Going on a Bear hunt"

Last night our neighbors called and asked if we wanted to drive out on the ranch with them to look for bears. Heck Yes! We met them at their house about 5:45 and loaded up in their big 'ol truck. All the kids (William, Zachary, Abby & Asa) plus Billy sat in chairs in the bed of the truck and Jameson & I sat inside the king cab with Felicia and Scott. We drove out about 5 or 6 miles and spotted a bear! As soon as he saw the truck he started running away, so it was a quick siting. He was big, black and fat :) The kids were pretty excited. Of coarse Jameson was passed out in my arms at this point so I couldn't snap the picture (that is if I would have gotten one anyway).
We kept driving a couple miles further and stopped at this lookout point, it was breathtaking! I tried to snap a couple pictures here while everyone stretched their legs before the drive home. Pictures don't do this place justice. 360 view was so beautiful :)

On the way back everyone piled into the truck cab and it was still a comfy ride home with 2 families in there! Scott, Asa, William, Billy & Jameson rode up front and Abby, Felicia, Zachary & I were in the back. I wasn't even touching shoulders with Felicia and I could stretch my legs out in front of me! Scott has one big 'ol truck! :) On the drive home we spotted a group of huge wild pigs, lots of deer and bucks and an owl.  Super fun. We are planning on going again when it gets a little deeper into fall.


  1. Sounds like a wilderness safari! Looks beautiful. Too bad you didn't get a picture of the bear, but SO awesome that you saw one. What a fun activity.

  2. Well, "Wrenns in the Wilderness" IS the name of your blog. :) You guys are so fun.