Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Bye Mobile Home

The time has finally come for our mobile home of almost 5 years to leave Paradise.(It's been on Paradise since 1974) We moved about 7 weeks ago into our new home on the ranch and left the Forest Service trailer park. Our 5 year contract was coming to an end and we no longer wanted to be tied down to a job dependent housing situation. The rental on the San Fernando Rey Ranch came along toward the end of last year and we decided to go for it. This meant that we would have to deal with finding a buyer and new home for our trailer or else demolish it.
Luckily we found a nice young family who will be benefitting from all our hard work, time and love that we put into our mobile home. It's also going to Goleta! So, I suppose I could go visit from time to time if I wanted to see it :)
Anyway, the work is far from over to get the lot cleaned up once the house it gone. There are still two sheds full of stuff, junk to sift through everywhere as well as all the wood that came from the screened porch removal. We plan on reusing the fence around our new house. We also plan on using all the lumber that we were able to salvage and building a new screened porch at our new home! Who knows when all this might happen, but I feel good about reusing as much as we can.
I hope the movers will let us know when they are ready to drive off with the house... I want to get some pictures of that too! (hopefully we are not at Dinkey when this happens, kinda think we will be)
Good bye Mobile home, you were a great home!

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  1. Kind of makes me sad... but I am excited for your new place too!