Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swim Lessons!

William and Zachary finished their first week of swim lessons today. They have 4 more classes next week as well. They are swimming at the DP pool :) and both having a blast. Luckily it's been an absolute gorgeous week, so sunny and warm, I've really wished I could be in the pool with them! William is now comfortable swimming/ gliding from the "sunken pirate ship" to the side of the pool. Head in the water, arms out in front. Zachary is following right behind him too. Today they each took a turn jumping off the side of the pool and then turning and swimming back to the wall. It's been really fun to watch them learn and have fun.  Looking forward to another week!



  1. Cute! It's great that you are getting them comfortable early. :) Can't wait to watch them swim at Dinkey Creek.

  2. I tried to get my girls swim lessons before Dinkey and the boy was booked until the week after. Oh well. I hope they do as well as your kids are doing.