Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trampoline on the ranch

Since we moved and left our swing set at the trailer park (for the time being), I thought it would be fun to get the boys a trampoline! I have been watching craigslist and found one for $40. The boys and I drove down, took it all apart, fit it all in the back of the 4runner and brought it home. We set it up the next morning with the help of a neighbor, it was super easy. Then I ended up ordering a new pad for it since the one it had was pretty much trash.
The plan is to dig a hole and put it in the ground... but for now, the boys are sure enjoying it everyday. Even Jameson knows just what to do. He gets on there and starts throwing his body up and down to "jump". I will have to take some video of it :)
Trampolines are the best!


  1. Fun! I have a lot of great childhood memories on the trampoline. :)
    by the way... are you loving your camera? These pictures are great. You can really tell the difference in quality.

  2. Great decision to get a tramp for your boys. They are growing up so fast!

  3. That is fantastic. What a score for 40 bucks! I'm glad you got one.