Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zacharys 15 month check up

Well, Zachary is growing at a steady rate :) in the 3rd percentile. He is 29 inches, 19 pounds and healthy as can be. I almost gave him his first hair cut today when I was trimming Williams hair, but, I just couldn't cut that baby hair yet. I need to get my little baggy ready to put his first locks in and then I will do it! Zachary is still a baby of little words. He says uh oh and today at the doctors office he said ish when we were looking at the fish tank. Besides that everything is ock. But he is a good listener and understands a lot and is good at following directions.
William is 36.5 inches and 31 pounds and also healthy as can be. He is potty trained and doesn't give it a second thought. I love that I only have to change one little bum instead of two, it's great. I owe him a trip to the zoo and a ride on the train. It is the reward he chose for earning all of the magnets on his potty chart (in one day). I guess I should have made more than 5 slots on the chart starting off. Who knew he would poop 5 times in one day! Haha.
I am so proud of both of my boys and love them very much.


  1. He is a cute boy. I love him too. Thanks for giving me such great nephews :)

  2. What kids will do for the right incentive! That is such great news.