Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Trip to Utah

The boys and I took a trip to Utah to visit some family. We drove through the night with Aunt Tracy who was out visiting us the weekend before... thanks Tracy. We left Sunday night, July 24, and drove into Mapleton Monday morning. It was quite the drive, but we made it, awake. The first week we were there Kristy and her family were on vacation in Pennsylvania... so we did a lot of shopping with Grandma. I got to experience my first trip into a hobby lobby and went to a really affordable fabric store too. I went a little wild in there... how do you pass up $1.50/yd fabric when you are used to paying $9!! My mom also showed me the trail she walks up maple mountain, beautiful. We did it one day together, I pushed the boys in the stroller, and the second trip I took a solo run :) That was so nice.
When Kristy and the kids got back into town the party began. William and Zachary were in heaven playing all day with the cousins! Grant and William got along so good and were excited everyday to play together. It was really fun to watch them together. Zachary got quite a bit of attention from the girls too. We took all the kids to a farm near Kristy's house in Springville one day to visit the animals over there. We also went to a water park in Spanish Fork and let the kids soak themselves in the water geysers. Zachary was in heaven there, he loves playing in water.
Almost every night there was a thunder and lightning storm that came through which was fun to watch. Kristy and I also got to go on two runs together... wish it could have been more. It was really fun to run with my sister! We are planning on training for a half marathon together, I'm really excited to run a race with Kristy. We also got in a sister craft night. Tracy bought all the stuff to make boxes to organize our cards, a be-lated mothers day gift! Thanks Tracy!
It was really nice to be with family for almost two weeks. However the boys and I were very ready to come home by the end of the trip. Home sick, exhausted, and ready to be back in our own beds. I took two days to make the journey home by myself. Left Friday evening so the boys would be sleeping for the majority of the trip and I made it all the way to Barstow. Saturday morning we finished the drive only to hit the Fiesta traffic in Santa Barbara- aahhh. It was so nice to be home. We headed for the river about 2 hours after getting home. It was nice to be in the water and warm sun back in the canyon again. Home sweet home.

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  1. You are welcome! It was so nice to visit you in Santa Barbara and then get to see you even longer here in Utah! How fun! :) Love you and your family a lot. So cute to see William & Grant together.