Tuesday, August 30, 2011


So my ward relief society has a really fun "retro homemaking" night coming up in a few weeks. We are going to have a class on pressure cooking, learn to sew an apron and make little apple pies in jars. I am going to be helping in the apron class. My friend Jill, who is amazing on the sewing machine, found a cute pattern for an apron in an hour. It's a cute half apron and I have now made two for practice! The first one I made at our craft group with Jill sitting next to me, walking me through it. Then I went home and sewed a second one to see how I could do on my own. The second one I gave as a gift to my mother in law... it's her birthday today, so why not. This apron is so easy, I'm sure I will make a few more to give away too :)
Here is the first apron I made
Here is the one I sent to my Mother in law


  1. Wow Lori! Look at you becoming quite the seamstress! It is super cute. Great job.

  2. Nice job! It is fun to sew projects that can be done in a few hours.