Tuesday, February 8, 2011


For Billy's birthday we decided to go to Truckee to visit his Mom & Dad.... and go skiing of course. It was a really nice 6 days. Billy went skiing at Alpine with his Dad Friday, the day after we got into town, he loves that mountain. We came along and played in the lodge in the family den which was all set up for little kids. When Billy finished skiing we went and played in the snow just a little- built a tiny snowman.

Saturday morning I got in a little run in the cold, Rich bought the boys some toys and we went to the kid zone to get out and let William play. There was the biggest custom train table i have ever seen and William was in heaven. It was hard to pull him out of there.

Saturday night & Sunday morning it snowed and that kept us close to home with our 2wheel drive 4runner. We ended up driving to downtown Truckee to see the train station and museum. The caboose museum had another little train table in it, again, William was in heaven and didn't want to leave.

Monday (Billy's Birthday) Linda signed William up for a gymnastics class at a little kid gym. It was really fun for William, he liked being there a lot. There was a slide that dropped into a pit of balls that he played in the most. They blew up an air jumper trampoline and William jumped his little heart out. It was a cute setup. So nice of Grandma to plan ahead for us. We also met up with Billy's dad for lunch at the Blue Coyote. Then we all went out to Kings Beach on Tahoes north shore for a birthday dinner at Lanzas. That was an interesting time with everyone together and the two boys in a restaurant. I made funfetti cupcakes for the occasion, 7 years and counting. We made the best of it- happy birthday Sweetheart!

Tuesday was back to Alpine mountain. This time I dressed for skiing and went out with Billy's dad. I had not been on skis in 3 years and before that I had only been on skis maybe 4 times. I was a little nervous of how I would do. But, I picked up right where I left off I felt like and had fun making turns down the mountain. When we went in to check on Billy and the kids, Rich gave Billy his pass and sent us out together while he watched the kids! So Billy and I got to take a few runs together too. It was nice for me.... probably not for Billy since I am such a beginner and so much slower than he is.

Wednesday morning we headed out before sun up, it was a nice trip but i was so looking forward to going home and being back in the warm air and sunshine of SB.

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  1. What a fun birthday!!! So glad you guys got to do that and had such a fun time.
    P.S. Your background is gone now.... need to update the code. If you call me I can tell you how to do it.