Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mile Stones

On Monday William did something big! He threw his pacifier in the trash can! I showed him the reward he would get when he was ready to throw his pacifier in the trash- Cranky the crane for his train table. The next morning, he held his paci for a while and then walked over to the trash and said " i'm going to throw my pacifier in the trash", and did it. He was VERY excited to play with Cranky (who now has to join him in bed). Monday night was a tough one, first night with no pacifier and he was a little sick too. All the more reason to throw that germy thing away. We were all up a lot that night... but each night is getting a little easier. Phew. I love bribery. I ordered a few things for the train table to further my bribery- next potty training :) He pooped in the toilet today and Thomas came down from the shelf to play on his train table. He said "i so excited Mom!" I'm glad that William loves Thomas the train so much right now, we are making great strides with the help of Thomas and his friends!!

Zachary is cutting his first tooth! He seems to be a pretty easy going teeth er like William was at this point. Hooray for mile stones, I love my boys!


  1. Hooray for William!!! What a good boy. That is great that rewards work. Wish I saw you guys more. Miss and love you lots.

  2. no more pacifier.. wow! Tell him Grandma thinks he is a BIG BOY

  3. Oh my goodness! Asher has never pooped in the toilet. I can sit him on there all day and it is not going to happen. We have tried bribery, but maybe I haven't found the right bribe yet.
    Hooray for no more pacifier!

  4. Zachary has actually pooped on the toilet more times than william has..haha. he poops in the bath a lot and i have gotten good enough to catch him before hand now and hold him over the toilet :)