Friday, February 18, 2011

Billy's Birthday Bag

Billy walks to work. He has been using a canvas trader joes bag to take his lunch and stuff back and forth with him everyday. The bag is now very beat up and dirty, but that fits his job so i wasn't worried about it. For his birthday gift, he suggested i make him a new bag that was custom to him. So- i did just that. I am currently enrolled in an adult ed evening sewing class that meets Monday nights from 6-9pm. I LOVE going to my class :) I really look forward to the break and socialization. Anyway, this bag took me WAY longer than i thought it would. I started by replicating the hotshot shield, which has a lot of detail. I wanted to make sure it was going to last and not fall apart after a week, so each letter is stuck on and sewed, the red rectangle is satin stitched onto the shield and the shield is satin stitched onto the bag. Then, the lining on the inside is covered by vinyl so i can wipe it out when his food spills all over. I also added a big side pocket to keep his keys, wallet and other stuff separate from his food. It was a little be-lated, but Billy now has his very own custom man bag :)


  1. Good job Lori! Looks great. I love that you are taking a sewing class. What is your next project? I should take a sewing class.
    P.S. Call me next time you are blogging and I will help you get your background back. :o)

  2. a total labor of Love Lori... great job. I bet Billy is proud to walk down to work with his new custom bag!