Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I took William and Zachary together for their check ups last week. It went a lot better than i thought it was going to!
Williams 2 year check up : height- 33 inches weight- 28 pounds
Zacharys 4 month check up : height- 23 inches weight- 11 pounds
Zach is in the 3rd percentile just like William at his age. My little guys :) Although William is about caught up to most of his friends now.


  1. I love that they are little.... and adorable.

  2. Yep. I think that William has caught up to Grant. Good for him for being persistant. :)

  3. That is great! Gwen was small for a long time, but now she is starting to grow. People still think she is a couple months younger than she is.
    I love the pictures you have of your boys on this blog! So adorable.