Thursday, September 9, 2010


Right now it is hunting season for deer in the LP forest. This means that a lot of deer come and hang out in the park around the homes because they are smart and know they won't be hunted there. We have one particular mother deer that visits us every evening around the same time looking for a handout.We call her Momma. She hears the door open and rather than running the other way, she comes closer looking at me with those eyes that say "do you have any food"? How can i turn down a nursing momma deer! So i toss her something to eat. Now when i make salads and prep fruit i always save the scraps for our deer friend. William gets really excited when he sees the deer. He shouts "oh! deer friends" it's super cute! We just love it up here in paradise!


  1. How cute! And how fun! Not everyone gets opportunities like that. I would LOVE that. :o)

  2. It's almost as good as having a pet! Actually, it's better in some ways... No poop to clean up!

  3. That is so awesome!!
    I would totally feed her too.