Thursday, September 2, 2010

William gets his first hair cut

It wasn't easy, i loved those baby curls, but today i cut Williams hair. I was tired of the daily battle of "doing" his hair with water and a hair brush. Everyday William would watch me get my hands wet and come toward him and he would immediately run the other way screaming "no no no". I would catch him, wet down his hair and brush it out to bring out his curls. Today I asked William if he wanted me to cut his hair and he said yes. So, i sat him in his chair at the table, fed him TJ star cookies and started to cut. I thought it turned out pretty good for my first time cutting an almost two year olds hair. It's still shaggy but not out of control. It no longer will stick straight out over the ears. And the ringlet curls are no longer hanging down the back of his neck. Well, i think it was time.

I did pull his curls into a little ponytail to cut them off and i did save them in a plastic bag. So, as soon as i get that far in his scrap book (if i ever do) they will have a home there.

William did a really good job sitting there for me while i cut his hair... and if i had a better camera i would have taken some better shots of his new do. I guess i get what i get until we buy a camera.


  1. curls or no curls... he is still just as adorable as ever. :o)

  2. If it saves some aggravation every morning, then that's good too!

  3. I have Asher's first lock of hair in a sandwich baggy somewhere. He looks great!