Sunday, December 18, 2016

Montecito Holiday Party

I thought maybe because we weren't traveling for the holidays that they would be a little less busy.... hahaha. Not true. Really, I suppose it doesn't help that we have been slowly remodeling our kitchen for the past 6 weeks, during the holidays. Almost there.
So, on the 10th of December was the annual Montecito fire family holiday party. It did not disappoint again this year. The back of the station was filled with a bounce house, huge blowup slide, and a Velcro wall.

The boys had some early fun on those while I helped set up the party in the engine bay. I was in charge of crafts again this year and had 3 long tables dedicated to entertaining party guests. There was also a character artist, photo booth, and Santa made his appearance.
I brought crafts for young and old and they were a hit this year. Popsicle stick Christmas tree ornaments, pipe cleaner and bead creations, and no sew sock snow men were all well visited. On top of that, one of the other fire wives brought in little "gingerbread" houses (made out of graham crackers) and tons of candy for the kids to decorate! It was all fantastic and a lot of kids were able to enjoy themselves.

Because I was in charge of crafts, I pretty much had my back turned to the party all night. Billy made me a plate of food and one point and told me to stop and eat. He is so good to me. He was on duty that day and did leave twice for calls, but helped me with Leila and the boys when he could.
At the end of the night I did sneak away quickly and jumped in the photo booth with Leila and with all the kids. We got a couple cute pictures.

The party was great and everyone had a nice time that came. Maybe next year, if I am in charge of crafts again, I will have it set up so that I don't need to be so present. Then I can actually enjoy the party a bit more.

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  1. That is great that they make it so fun for the kids! Looks like an awesome party.