Friday, December 30, 2016

10 YEARS!!!

Yesterday Billy & I celebrated our 10th year of marriage! Wow! It is almost hard to believe that we got married 10 years ago. Doesn't seem that long ago and yet it seems like we have been together for ever.
I had the idea to set up a little lunch at the gazebo where Billy proposed to me. Our old neighborhood, Oak Grove, and the little white gazebo on the hill over looking a little piece of ocean and part of town. It was a beautiful day, just like the day we were married. I picked up Lazy Acres salad bar, like we would sometimes do when we were dating. I also brought the fixings for strawberry short cake, which is what Billy had prepared the evening he proposed.
My good friend Lauren and her family helped me set up the gazebo too! Her daughter, Ellie, picked and arranged a beautiful flower arrangement! It smelled so good! I'm so lucky to have such good friends.
The rest of the afternoon was spent cruising around, grocery shopping, and Billy getting a hair cut :) The things that you don't really want to do with all the kids in tow.

I feel so blessed to have met Billy 12+ years ago. He has made my life more beautiful and complete than I could have ever dreamed. I smile every day to have 4 healthy and beautiful children who I love so much. Having an eternal companion who is as devoted to me as I am to him, is a priceless gift that I treasure with all my heart. Billy is a wonderful Dad, a loving husband, and a kind, humble, and hard working man. How did I get so lucky!
Happy 10 year anniversary Honey. I love you so much!

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