Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas 2016

We had another close to home Christmas, no traveling for us again this year. Christmas morning was frosty and cold, the kids got ready for church and had enough time to look through their stockings and open one gift each. We snapped a quick family photo and zoomed off to 9am church.

The meeting was wonderful, full of music and a very touching message by our favorite Jon Dunn. We said some hello's and gave out some Christmas hugs to our ward family, then back home for more Christmas fun.
The boys and Leila were excited and appreciative of all their gifts given and received. Leila was so fun to watch, her first year understanding and enjoying the gifts she was given. The boys were all sweet with her to help her open and be excited about the gifts they had chosen for her.

We made holiday pancakes once the presents were all unwrapped, an idea that came from my cousin Lisa. She had sent me a picture of all her kids with their decorated pancakes and I knew that it would be a hit in our home too.

The rest of the day was spent playing with new things, enjoying outside, chatting with loved ones, and prepping a tasty Christmas dinner. I made a new recipe of rolls as I didn't prep refrigerator rolls on Christmas eve (I made two loaves of bread for Christmas morning Sacrament instead). The rolls were sweet orange rolls and they reminded me a bit of cinnamon rolls except with orange rinds.  Those took a while. Other than that everything was pretty fast. We baked a salmon fillet, pan fried Brussel sprouts, and I made a pomegranate and kiwi fruit salad. Billy and I also enjoyed a big green salad as well. It was a wonderful and beautiful feast of red, green and orange :)

Everyone was healthy and happy and we count our blessings this Holiday season. Life is great!

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  1. Love reading about your Christmas ... thanks for sharing it.