Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A final desicion

Two Christmas's ago we threw out our old recliner that had been in my family since I was little. It was my Dad's favorite sleeping chair, so comfortable and it had held up well. They passed it to Jamie and she had it until she moved and then I took it.  Anyway, it had started to break apart and when the Christmas tree came in that year, the chair went out and to the dumpster.
Since then we have been on the look out for another chair. I had put our old glider rocker out in it's place so there was somewhere else to sit in the living room besides the couch.  That glider has been there ever since but I never liked it to much. It is super dirty and the bottom cushion never stayed put. Anyways, when I was at Costco a couple weeks ago I saw this recliner, swivel, glider chair! A great neutral color and not super big. We need more compact size furniture in our little home so it doesn't take over the space :) I bought it and brought it home and it fits and looks great in the room.
So, next time you are here for a visit (Grandma ;) this chair is calling your name.


  1. Very good choice! I can't wait to sit in it while playing with the kids! I just don't know yet when that will be ...