Friday, June 24, 2016

Kindergarten Grad!

Another Kindergarten graduate in the house :) Zachary completed his first year of school with flying colors. He was so excited for school almost every morning of the entire school year. Sometimes we would start school at like 6:45am because he was ready to turn on his computer and learn. There were even a few days that he would complete just about all his lessons for the day before William or Jameson even got out of bed! Zachary is a little math whiz. He was able to do most of his addition and subtraction in his head without using his fingers or making sketches. He also did amazing in Phonics and is now able to read simple books.
I am so very proud of this little boy and all that he accomplished this year in school. I'm looking forward to first grade with this star student of mine :)

Congratulations Zachary!!


  1. I don't know many boys who are that excited about school. Good for him! Tell him congratulations from grandpa and grandma.

  2. What? Already! He is growing up fast! Good job Zach! I'm proud of you!