Friday, June 10, 2016

Back yard camping

We finally bought our first family tent :) Billy picked one from REI, it's the REI kingdom 6. We figured we better set it up and see how we fit, so the boys set it up yesterday evening and we had a family campout in the back yard.
Our queen blowup mattress just fits on one half of the tent (wall to wall) and two sleeping bags cover the ground on the other half. A third sleeping bag can lay across the feet of those two bags. I'm thinking we will outgrow this tent pretty quick, but for now it works. The boys enjoyed their night under the stars. Leila slept great on the floor with the boys and Billy & I enjoyed the air mattress.
Now that is some easy camping!


  1. I would have been tempted to sleep in my bed and let the boys do the tent! But family tent time does sound fun!

  2. So fun! Glad you guys are going to be a camping family.

  3. Adorable! We haven't been camping as a family- just Dan and the oldest kids. The tent looks great.