Thursday, June 16, 2016

GV All Stars- making it happen!

William is part of a 6/7 all star baseball team which is playing a 1 week tournament in Montalvo (Ventura). They had their first game Sunday and won 26-10. The boys all played awesome and are SO FUN to watch! That win kept them in the winners bracket and they played again yesterday, same field in Ventura. It was another exciting and fun game, and in the end, they won 26-10. What!? Crazy. William hit a triple and has been playing awesome at 3rd base!! We play Saturday for the final games of the tournament and I can't wait. I'm excited that William has had this opportunity to play baseball a little longer past the season, experience a different coach, and get more infield play time. He is doing so well and really stepped up to this opportunity to blossom and develop his skills.
Way to play, William!! We are so proud of you :)

     Just look at that concentration and form. And look at those muscles! ;)

                 Running hard, starting his slide......


  1. Way to go William! He does have great form... he looks like a pro!

  2. Wow- he looks super pro! How fun that he gets to be a part of a great team.