Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

We had a nice Christmas this year filled with many wonderful events. Of course there was the holiday party at Montecito fire station with our new fire family :) I had a nice Christmas brunch and ornament exchange with my bunco group. It was here I got the idea for a fun ornament to make this year! Our host, Elissa, had made a bunco ornament out of wooden scrabble letters, scrabble board and some wire & dice. It was so cute! I had to find a scrabble board and make my own. I did our last name and year instead of bunco and dice.

We attended our ward Christmas party and dinner. I helped with the kids table there as well and set up a craft for them to do. It was the same one I did at the fire station because I had all the stuff left over :) Easy. It was a nice evening hanging out with our church family.
The Sunday before Christmas we drove up to see Ian, Stephanie & Emmett before they left for Truckee. We spent the evening with them and had a nice dinner together. The boys all did a painting activity together and had fun playing in Emmett's new room. We stayed long enough to welcome Grandpa Wrenn & Uncle Nathan to the house :) Grandpa was like Santa Clause and unloaded presents for all to open! Boy, were the boys excited about that!

A day later, Grandpa & Uncle Nathan came down to stay with us and play. The boys really enjoy playing with Grandpa & running away from getting their toes cracked! Uncle Nathan took turns with each boy getting his shoulder press reps in :) They loved it.
Christmas Eve, Billy picked up a shift at the station. We drove around dropping off gifts and handing out goody plates to the neighbors. Then we went to the fire station to have Christmas eve dinner with Billy :) It was a wonderful dinner. We feasted on chicken parmesan, salad and garlic bread. The best part was, I didn't have to cook or clean! No, the best part was that we still got to spend Christmas eve as a family even though Billy was at work! Not cooking or cleaning was nice too though. We went to his room after dinner and read the Christmas story out of Luke 2, it was really nice. His job is such a blessing to our family.
Christmas morning, the boys were so good to wait for each other to all wake up. They got to dump out their stockings and open their gift that Santa had brought them. Then, we had a pancake breakfast and played outside until Billy got home from work. He didn't get home til just about noon! The boys didn't complain or ask about presents once! I was so impressed that they wanted to wait for Dad so he could be part of Christmas with them. They are amazing. Leila got to open her first Christmas presents and did a good job. She loved the wrapping paper best :)

We had a nice mellow Christmas day, enjoyed each others company and ended the day with a lasagna, caesar salad, and homemade bread dinner. I had all the ingredients for apple crisp and homemade whipped cream too. We sat down together before bed and wrote out our gifts to Jesus this year. It was a perfect Christmas day.


  1. Love hearing about your Christmas Lori. I sure miss you all, especially during the holidays.

  2. What a great Christmas! I missed being with family so thanks for sharing and making me feel like I was there celebrating with you. :)