Thursday, January 7, 2016

Big bike rider #3

About a week ago I told Jameson to give his 2 wheeler another try. He looked at me with his cute little face and shook his head. Then I asked him to just sit on it and see if he could touch the ground with his toes like his balance bike. He could! So, I held the back of his seat and told him to start pedaling. We got half way around the house and I told him he was doing it by himself and he didn't need me. I let go and he hasn't wanted to get off since! He is all smiles now that he can get on and ride wherever he wants and ride with his brothers! I'm glad that he finally just did it. He has been ready for a whole year! I'm so proud of you Jameson :)


  1. Way to go Jameson! You are a pro just like your brothers now! Your kids are the cutest Lori. Miss you guys.

  2. I second how darn cute those kids are!