Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Montecito Holiday Party

The Montecito fire department puts on a nice Holiday party every year and we all had a nice time attending our first year. I volunteered to help plan and put on the party with a few other wives in the womens association. I was put in charge of the beverage bar, kids craft table & helped with set up as well.
The party was in the engine bay at station 1, this way all on duty could still be a part of it. (Billy was on duty) There was a bounce house for the little kids, a Christmas tree to decorate, a face painter, ornament making, games, a visit from Santa, caroling & a taco bar catered dinner. There was also a blow up money vault where you get inside and try and grab money that is blowing all around inside. At the end of the evening, they put real dollars in it and kids took turn getting inside and grabbing for cash. William ended up with $7, Zachary grabbed $11, and Jameson came out with $5. They thought that was pretty cool.

I was a little surprised the boys wanted their faces painted! They have never wanted to do this before, but they all stood in line & took their turn, and told the lady what they wanted. All their cute faces turned out awesome! The face painter was REALLY GOOD.

It was a long day, we went to the station straight after church and didn't leave until 8pm, but it was a good time. We can't wait for the party next year :)

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