Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Ranch Pool

The boys and I (and Leila, but she gets the shade) have had a great week of fun in the sun. We went to the beach Tuesday for playgroup and played in the water and waves and enjoyed a perfect beach day. Wednesday, Friday, and today we went swimming at the ranch pool! The boys are getting really comfortable in the water. Jameson loves his green monster floaty and cruises around the entire pool now without me having to be in the water next to him. Zachary is swimming the length of the pool, diving to the bottom for toys and jumping off the diving board! Of coarse William is doing the same and has been great in the water for a year or two now.

The boys wake up asking to go swimming. It's such a blessing to have a pool available (for the most part) right on the ranch. We are so lucky! They are so tired out at night from 4 plus hours at the pool, it's awesome. Plus, it gives me some relax time for myself as well. When we are at home, all I think about is what I need to get accomplished and chores I need to do. When I'm at the pool, I'm still on life guard duty, snack duty, baby duty and everything in between... but, I can swim with the boys, and enjoy the beautiful day a little bit more. Yesterday, Leila fell asleep pool side under the umbrella and I was able to swim some laps and relax in the sun. It was a small piece of heaven in my day.
Billy enjoyed the beach with us Tuesday, but has been gone the rest of the week. The pool has been a nice way to break up the day for me.

Just another reason we love living on the ranch!

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  1. You are lucky! Those boys are going to be excellent swimmers