Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bear hunting time!

The bears are on the move, looking for acorns on the ranch. We went earlier this week and saw 2 right away. Tonight we had Jay, Rosie, and Alice in tow with us and we spotted 2 more :) The second one came out of a tree before running away.

I tried to take pictures while holding Leila on my lap and thru a dirty windshield. So the first bear isn't so clear. But the second one was on my side of the truck so I got a better shot at it... to bad it was farther away than the first. :) More to come I'm sure!

Boys had a blast as always and we stopped at our usual lookout spot to enjoy the sunset. Saw a tarantula, played with it, and drove home in the moonlight of the full moon. Perfect ranch evening.