Friday, August 21, 2015

Dirt track

At the beginning of the month, before Billy left to fight the fires in northern Cali, he borrowed one of the ranch tractors and smoothed out a track for us in the dirt field. It was still pretty soft, so the ranch manager & our neighbor with his water tender, packed it down a little with water & the tractor again. It's awesome! It's about a quarter of a mile loop and the boys are loving riding their bikes on it. I have walked it and pushed my double jogger stroller on it too.
Billy has plans to put some jumps in, if he ever gets another day off! Fire season is kicking right now.
Anyway, it's a great track that the boys can ride around and around on without getting to far away where I need to worry about them.
I'm still trying to convince Jameson to give his bike a try out there. We took off his training wheels, because I know he can balance and ride his bike if he tried. But he is being a little timid about it right now. He'll get there soon enough. For now, he doesn't mind running around it or hitching a ride in the stroller with Leila :)


  1. That is so great! Hours of fun ahead!

  2. How awesome is that? Perks of living on a ranch.