Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday walk

After church today, Billy & Kevin Gleason headed out on a wild adventure in the back country. They are off to find some Indian cave drawings somewhere back in the forest beyond bluff camp. This afternoon was the bike ride back to bluff camp..... I think it is around 25 miles or so and mostly uphill. Tomorrow they will hike another 10 miles or so to the paintings and back before they get on their bikes to come home.
Once the guys left the house, Lauren, her girls & me and the boys set off on our own little adventure. We drove out on the ranch to the pasture with the wild mustangs. The kids all really enjoy the truck ride, it's fun to see their happy faces and listen to their busy chatter.

We walked through the pasture out to the random yurt on the ranch and that's where we found the mustangs. They aren't scary wild, they do get fed when the grass is all dead and there is nothing for them to eat. But they aren't ever ridden or anything, so wild enough. They were curious of us as we approached and came toward us. I happened to have eaten an apple and kept my core to feed to the brave one that would eat it from my hand. :) The kids all loved petting the ones that would let them and then we checked out the yurt from the outside... bummer it's locked up.

We walked around a bit more, enjoying the wild flowers and green grass all around us. It was such a warm and beautiful afternoon. It's been so warm this week, we went to the beach Thursday & Friday! We also went to UCSB's first baseball game of the season on Friday against BYU. The boys really enjoyed watching the game, asking questions and eating peanuts in the stand. We will have to go to more of the Gaucho games this season!
Billy did take his cell phone and called around 6:20pm from a peak top to say they were just about to descend into bluff camp. Brave guys, riding their bikes in the back forest county all afternoon and into the dark! I will be anxiously awaiting his phone call tomorrow sometime to let me know they are safe and on their way back. What a cool adventure.... one day, it will be me on the other bike instead of Kevin ;) Not anytime soon though.


  1. What a fun Sunday activity. So pretty. I would love to do that.

  2. You are looking ver prego Lori ... Hope all is going well. Beautiful pictures